Best Time & Popular Places To Visit In Chidambaram

Best Time & Popular Places To Visit In Chidambaram

Chidambaram is a town of natural beauty, Hinduism and festivals. So the best time to visit this tourist destination is when nature is at its peak and when festivals are celebrated.

Chidambaram offers a mixture of nature and spirituality. There is Mangrove forest around this town and it also offers waterways, exotic birds, seafood and temples with outstanding architecture to be relished by the tourists. This amalgamation of religion and nature makes this town a major tourist attraction for visitors around India and also from the world.



Summers are hot and humid in this town. Summers in Chidambaram are somewhat scorching with temperature ranging to a highest of 41°C to a lowest of 30°C and people do not prefer going to Chidambaram during summer. However, The Adi Thirumanjanam, one of the major festivals in Chidambaram, takes place in the month of June and people do visit during this time to witness and celebrate this festival.


Chidambaram has a different beauty during monsoons. It starts from June and continues till September. With the rains showering from the clouds almost everyday, the town gets its own charm with its natural beauty. There are no major festivals that take place during monsoons.


Winter season commences in the month of December and continues till February. The temperature may increase to a maximum level of 30°C and can go down to a minimum of 21°C. It is the ideal time to visit Chidambaram. The Dance Festival of Natyanjali, where dancers from all around the world come to participate, happens from February or March and takes place for 5 consecutive days. Other festivals like Markazhi Thiruvadhirai take place in the months of December and January.

Popular Tourist Attractions & Places to Visit in Chidambaram

The mangrove timberland at Pichavaram, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular among sightseeing places in South India covers 1,100 hectares and joins the Bay of Bengal, where it’s isolated by a long sand bank. Evidently, the woods has 50 islands of different sizes, and 4,400 of all shapes and sizes waterways. Around 200 types of birds have been found, alongside angle, prawns, crabs, clams, turtles, and otters. There are around 20 distinct types of trees in the mangrove forest. The trees develop in water that is 3-10 feet somewhere down in better places.


The temple complex is spread more than 50 sections of land in the core of the city. This temple portrays Lord Shiva as the Lord of the move Bharatanatyam and is one of only a handful couple of temples where Shiva is spoken to by a human murthi. The Cosmic Dance of Lord Nataraja symbolizes the movement of the universe as managed by Lord Shiva.


At the northern end of the Thillai Nataraja Temple, situated the Thillai kali Amman Temple, is one of the most sought for travel places in this town. A few stone inscriptions in the temple, which delineate the old Hindu Shoza periods, can be seen. Temple priests perform pooja four times each day, alongside a unique pooja done on each Friday and Sunday. There are symbols of different divinities kept in the temple including Goddess Durga, Lord Murugan and Lord Kanagavaishnavi.


The Annamalai University is spread over 1500 acres of land and is one of the most renowned universities in this country. Founded in 1929, it offers numerous courses in science, engineering, management, architecture and arts. The location of this university makes it all the more attractive as the spectacularly beautiful town of Chidambaram compliments it. It is surely a place to visit when you are in Chidambaram.


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