Natyanjali has marriage hall, Business Meeting, Birthday Parties, Baby Shower etc., with our largest place. We are prepared to accommodate Business & Social events with high class service.

Our Banquet services is fully on indoor. We managed professionally with perfect etiquette and cleanliness. Our halls are well furnished and is famed as an ideal place to host functions and events of all natures, suits every occassion.

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We cater for all your celebrations and discussions with our experienced staff taking the responsibility to make the event memorable.

  • Vandayar hotel party hall is one of the most exquisitely designed party halls in Chidambaram..
  • Your guests will be impressed by the innovative & gorgeous decoration combined with the excellent party hall by our experienced team..
  • Vandayar hotel party hall is a Unique and Exceptional Venue For Weddings. Get In Touch With Our Experienced Team To Discuss Your Event

So book your party event with us today and have a comfortable and pleasant experience.